Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lighting up You Boat!

Ready to light up your yacht and get it ready for the summer boating season. Depending on the beam of your boat, your boat style and your reason for boating - will help you decide on the lights you need. Thru Hull are reserved for the yachts over 60 feet. Surface Mount Lights can be easily added with two screws to your beam - inside and outside your boat. How many you buy depends on your beam. If you want it to not have a break then you really need to make sure you have enough spread. And for the small boat that is unsure about drilling -we have a Liquid Lite that will screw into your drain plug! So cute and yet over 810 luemns with 6 leds! For the fisherman who wants to attract fish -some of the lights that flash have a wider spread may be a better choice! And for some reason the fish do prefer green light! So many decisions ...! When you are ready to decide - make sure you call us or write us and we can assist you with this decision! BLUE, GREEN,RED OR WHITE! Check out our website at And let Luma Sea help you create an out of control lighting effect on your small boat to your mega yacht!

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