Thursday, February 21, 2013

Make Your Canal into an Aquarium

250 watt HID Underewater Dock Lights

I am sure if you've been boating at night recently you have seen homes with their docks glowing from the water up. This is done by installing a HID underwater light. These fixtures are availble in diffent intensitites and a number of different colors such as blue, green and white. I personally feel that a 250 watt HID is the perfect amount of light and creates a 40 -50 foot circle of glow depending on the clarity of the water. Another factor is the type of water the light is being installed in. Ocean water or homes that sit very close to the ocean should consider white or blue lights. For home located further away from the ocean or have murky waters, green always looks great.

 These lights typically cost around $4 per month to operate when running for a 12 hour cycle 7 days a week. They also improve dockside safety by illuminating the dock to assist in docking and boarding at night. There is no need to get an electrician to hook these lights up you simple plug them in and drop the light in the water. The attached weight will draw the light to the bottom and keep it upright and in position. They also  turn themselves on and off by utilizing a photocell that is built into the unit. However, the most dramatic thing about these lights is the amount of fish that will make your house their new home. has these light kits available online.  Give us a call to schedule for a free trial at your dock. You will see why these lights are becoming so popular.

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Underwater Lights that are Out of This World

We just made contact with Greg from Lifeform Underwater Lights and he introduced us to the companies Lifeform 9 with Colored Bezel. These little creatures are bad to the bone. With a Lumen output of nearly 2400, these underwater lights will make your transom look like it is on fire. With many LED color options and even more colored bezel options, there is a sure match for whatever boat you plan to ignite with lights. And for the offshore racing guys, the anodized bezels will help to give that transom even more flash. Check out Lifeforms complete line of lights at  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Miami International Boat Show this week.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ocean LED Shines in the Warranty Department

Just wanted to take a minute to Thank the crew over at Ocean LED of Fort Lauderdale. While working on a customers boat we determined that the LED driver had gone bad on one of the Pro Series 3010 HD lights. I contacted Jerry and without question he assisted in making sure our warranty claim went smoothly. It's refreshing to deal with a company that stands behind their products, even outside of the warranty period. Luma Sea Yacht Lighting is a happy installer and the customer is thrilled. Thanks Ocean LED