Sunday, November 3, 2013

Winter Blues .... Creating Seasational Summer Nights!

Winter Blue - Lights - are the perfect addition to your yacht!

As Winter approaches and everyone is getting their boats ready for storage ( Well, except here in Florida)!  It is the time to purchase and install your new lighting!  We know everyone waits til the boat comes out of the water to get it ready for the next season. So now is the time to bling it out ...

With many new product lines available thru Ocean LED - we have all the new product at  Products are available even if you do not see them online yet - some are so new!!!! So call us!

Some of the new options to check out are  Ocean LED's -The Amphibian Pro Xtreme and The Amphibian Xtreme - the newest in their outstanding line of excepetional LED lights for vessels under 65 feet. New engineering and technology have been added to  make ensure the LED's are 3.5 times brigher that their ancestor Amphibians, but also even more efficent.  And Ocean  LED is making sure thie Amphibian series now offers the options of color-change and fish strobe!!

Of course we have all our other lines of lighting available for your vessel of any size including yachts over 65 feet as well! 

We will be enjoying the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show and look forward to seeing everyone again! 

Get your boat ready now so next year you definitely will be enjoying your SEAsational Summer Nights on the Waterways!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

It Summertime, Lets get those Docks and Decks Glowing

Summertime is here and I'm sure that everyone is spending alot more time outside with all the beautiful weather. However, the most comfortable time of the day is after the sun goes down and the temperatures get a little cooler. To help get your backyards, decks and docks become more inviting, you should consider adding some exterior lighting to you property. There are thousand of options available but I will just focus on lighting for docks and decks.

The first option is to get your waterway glowing. I suggest submersible HID lights that are installed 5' below the water and about 7' away from the dock. These lights will produce a light ring about 40" in diameter. The installation is simple and can be done by anyone that can plug in a electric cord.

The second is what we call pathway lighting. These lights must be installed by an electrician but are low voltage so no worries about anyone getting a shock. These lights a placed directly on the dock and give a glow to the left and right of the fixture to illuminate your dock or deck.

There are also underwater lights that mount to the pilings. These lights are generally LED and and you would need to have 1 light on each piling to get a nice even glow in the waterway. Manufacturers such as OceanLED, Aqualuma and Lifeform LED offer these lights. They are not cheap but, the look is beautiful.

How you decide to illuminate your dock is going to be based on budget but more importantly the look you are going for. Check out for all of the lights discussed. You will be surprised whats living in the water behind your house.

Monday, July 1, 2013


As the holiday weekend approaches us ...we want to remind you to use caution at night.  Adding LED boats to the transom of your boats can prevent many accidents this summer!

Already there are many reports of evening hit and run accidents on our lakes and oceans.  So please take caution at night. Drive slower if you are new to the water way. Keep your eyes open for swimmers at night and other boaters.

One of the best thing you can do is to add some lights onto the transom of your boat if you plan on late night swimming or anchoring out with friends in the evening hours. 

Before you leave for your day of fun ... make sure to do a

Navigation lights checklist

  • Check switches are on.
  • Check navigation lights are on and working.
  • Physically check each light is on.
  • Turn off cabin lights as it may reduce your ability to see.
  • If the vessel has a flybridge and weather permits, it is generally preferable to drive from there as you will have a better all round view.
  • If you anchor at night, show an all-round white light where it can best be seen.
And if anything is not working - make sure you replace it!  We have a huge selection at to make sure your summer boating season is a safe one! 

Happy and Safe July 4th to Everyone!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Ocean LED A12 Carbon Pro Limited Edition Hits The Market

Ocean LED Just Launched its newest creation the A12 Carbon Pro. This light offers all the benefits of the Amphibian A12 Pro Underwater Light but is only available in White. This is a Limited Edition product and Ocean LED is offering them at a price that is sure to get customers buying. The Amphibian A12 Pro's retail for $899 however, as a promotion, Ocean LED is releasing these Limited Edition lights for $599.

With prices like this Ocean LED is making it affordable for just about every boater to get quality underwater lighting for their vessel . Check out for even deeper discounts on this great new product. Summer just started so get that boat lit up.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lumishore SMX Series Now Available at Luma Sea Yacht Lighting

We are pround to announce that Luma Sea Yacht Lighting and Marine Electronics now is carrying the Lumishore Line of underwater lights. All Lumishore products are forged out of advanced AOM polymer bodies and Toughened BK7 Borosilicate lenses.

This assures a super tough light that will last for years under your vessel. They also have over heat protection, can be used above or below the waterline and have minimal draw allowing these lights to be left on for hours without having any effect on your batteries. Come check out all the features at  We will be adding more models regularly so keep checking in with us. Summers right around the corner so get that boat looking great, especially at night.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eagerly Awaiting The Arrival of the Lumitec SeaBlaze X

John Kujawa and his team over at Lumitec in Del Ray Beach, Florida have knocked one out of the park with the developement of the new SeaBlaze X Underwater Light.

This new surface mount fixture will features a housing made of proprietary bronze alloy that will have a underwater service life of over 50 years. The lense is Gorilla Glass the same product used on ipads and iphones. However, the most important improvement over the previous SeaBlaze 3 is its increased lumen output, estimated at 2800 lumens in white, and the strobing feature. This strobe feature will allow serious anglers to attract fish to the surface much more effectively then traditional underwater lights. The strobing actions will make the light much more visible to deep dewellers such as sword fish. The developement team also angled the reflectors on the lights to give the light a wider beam angle and increase light intensity close to the transom. When it comes to product developement Lumitec goes the extra step to make sure all products ahead of the curve and torture tests them to the extreme. In my opinion, this is one exceptional light for the money. Lumitec has pre orders of over 1300 units and will start delivery of the new light beginning the end of April. is taking pre-orders and has the best prices available. Great job Lumitec!!!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Make Your Canal into an Aquarium

250 watt HID Underewater Dock Lights

I am sure if you've been boating at night recently you have seen homes with their docks glowing from the water up. This is done by installing a HID underwater light. These fixtures are availble in diffent intensitites and a number of different colors such as blue, green and white. I personally feel that a 250 watt HID is the perfect amount of light and creates a 40 -50 foot circle of glow depending on the clarity of the water. Another factor is the type of water the light is being installed in. Ocean water or homes that sit very close to the ocean should consider white or blue lights. For home located further away from the ocean or have murky waters, green always looks great.

 These lights typically cost around $4 per month to operate when running for a 12 hour cycle 7 days a week. They also improve dockside safety by illuminating the dock to assist in docking and boarding at night. There is no need to get an electrician to hook these lights up you simple plug them in and drop the light in the water. The attached weight will draw the light to the bottom and keep it upright and in position. They also  turn themselves on and off by utilizing a photocell that is built into the unit. However, the most dramatic thing about these lights is the amount of fish that will make your house their new home. has these light kits available online.  Give us a call to schedule for a free trial at your dock. You will see why these lights are becoming so popular.

Monday, February 11, 2013

New Underwater Lights that are Out of This World

We just made contact with Greg from Lifeform Underwater Lights and he introduced us to the companies Lifeform 9 with Colored Bezel. These little creatures are bad to the bone. With a Lumen output of nearly 2400, these underwater lights will make your transom look like it is on fire. With many LED color options and even more colored bezel options, there is a sure match for whatever boat you plan to ignite with lights. And for the offshore racing guys, the anodized bezels will help to give that transom even more flash. Check out Lifeforms complete line of lights at  We are looking forward to seeing everyone at the Miami International Boat Show this week.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Ocean LED Shines in the Warranty Department

Just wanted to take a minute to Thank the crew over at Ocean LED of Fort Lauderdale. While working on a customers boat we determined that the LED driver had gone bad on one of the Pro Series 3010 HD lights. I contacted Jerry and without question he assisted in making sure our warranty claim went smoothly. It's refreshing to deal with a company that stands behind their products, even outside of the warranty period. Luma Sea Yacht Lighting is a happy installer and the customer is thrilled. Thanks Ocean LED

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Hull Truth about Thru Hull Underwater Lights

With so many different types of underwater lights available today consumers are able to tailor a lighting plan that will exactly fit the type of boating they do and work best for their vessel. Today we will discuss Thru Hull underwater lights. When most people hear the word "Thru Hull" they get this alarming look on their faces and envision a hole 3 foot in diameter. The truth is most Thru Hulls only require a hole 2" in diameter or less. Our friends over at Aqualuma Underwater Lighting explained the process to us and it really not that scary. The first thing you need to do is to measure the beam on you boat. This will help you to determine how many lights you will need in order to get a even glow off your stern without any breaks in color. For boat with beams from 5-8 feet  2 lights will give you pleanty of lights. From 8-12 feet they suggest 3 to 4 lights. 12 - 16 foot beams should consider no less then 6 lights. The next question is how bright do you want the light and how much projection from the stern do you desire. Smaller boats 25 feet and under can get away with 6 Series lights, meaning lights that have 6 LED emitters in them. In my opinion any boat over 25 feet shouldn't even consider less then 12 Series lights. This will give you the glow you desire.  Next is color. White will generally always be the brightest but are not really interesting or striking.  Green is definitely the choice for the avid angler whos intention is to attact fish and bait.  Blue is by far the most beautiful but will not look true to it color in murky or bracikish waters. Now for the install. When having Thru Hulls installed it is critical that you bring the boat to a yard that is experienced in the process and has the ability to haul your boat out of the water. Once out the technician should locate the idea location of the lights on the transom 6 -12" below the water line.  Measurements should be taken and a visual inspection of the bilge area or engine compartment should be done to verify that nothing is in the way inside the boat. After this is confirmed, its time to cut he holes. I recommend the holes be core approximately 1/8" larger then the light fixture. After coring the light should be dry fitted and the outter diameter of the light should be traced with a pencil. The bottom paint between the pencil marks and the new hole should be sand off to allow for better adhesion of the light to the hull.  The technician should then prepare some epoxy resin and cover any exposed wood or coring materials that were uncovered when the holes were cored.  After the epoxy cures its time to install the lights. A liberal amount of 3M 5200 Marine Adhesive should be applied around the surface of the light that will be in contact with the transom. Aqualuma's light housing are made of polycarbonate so they recommend that once the lights are install the lights retaining nut should only be hand tightened. A liberal amount of  3M 5200 Marine Adhesive should then be applied around the retaining nut where it meet the inside of the hull. Let the adhesive cure for 24 to 48 hours before continuing as the adhesive loves to get on everything and refuses to come off of anything. The technician should now interconnect all the lights and run a switched control lead up to the helm. That's it. Now it time to put the boat in the water. Once the boat is in the water a visual inspection of the bilge should be conducted to confirm there are no leaks. The beauty part about Aqualuma's Thru Hull Series lights is the boat will not have to be hauled to service the lights should one of the drivers or LEDs go bad or if you would like to upgrade to newer technology as it becomes available. Aqualuma has an industry leading 3 year warranty on their lights has not had to haul a boat out for service of their product, EVER.  That is a strong claim to make but it is a time proven reality. This proven track record of success should make these type of lights appealing for yachts up to 100 meters plus. They also have Lloyd's, RINA and DNV certifications.  Last thing to do now is get you friend and your sunglasses and head out on a night adventure and leave a wake of illumination behind you. Be sure you have your glasses on when you look back because you don't want to burn your eyes. Enjoy.  Thanks to our friend Alex Bader at Aqualuma Underwater Lights USA for all her input and for always keeping us up to date on the latest and greatest things happening in the marine lighting industry.

Marine LED Lighting Store

Friday, January 25, 2013

Where do I Install My Underwater Lights?

This will help you decide how many lights you need and where to install them! Thank you Lumitec! and we will help you pick the right lights

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ocean LED A3 Pros in water for 3 months with no growth on lens

I just pulled our  2005 Boston Whaler 13 Sport out of the water to give her a wax and was happy to find that the 2 Ocean LED A3 Pro's that were on the back had minimal growth on the lenses. All I had to do to get them clean was wipe them off with a cotton cloth. No scrubbing or polish needed. I am very impressed with their resistance to the harsh South Florida salt water environment. Nice work Ocean LED

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Luma Sea Yacht Lighting Opens WebSite!

Luma Sea – Insane Yacht Lighting State-of-the-art lighting technology for tenders to super yachts Fort Lauderdale, Florida, January 20, 2013 - Do you want to stand out on the water without spending a fortune on your new or older yacht? Luma Sea has a simple solution – upgrade your lights. Instantly transform the look and feel of your boat into a trendy, modern ride with Luma Sea’s superior line-up of products and cutting-edge lighting technology for everything from trailer boats to mega yachts. Luma Sea specializes in high-quality illumination including overhead lights, courtesy lights, strip lights, underwater lights as well as lighting for your dock above and below water. Because lighting isn’t just about seeing better, it’s about creating an unforgettable atmosphere you’ll never forget on deck or on the water. Whether it’s for security, attracting fish, or showcasing your vessel in a cool, distinct light, Luma Sea takes the helm of your lighting needs. Replace those outdated, high-temperature halogen or incandescent lights with energy saving, long lasting, and cool operating LEDs. Along with eye-catching looks come the power and energy savings of LEDs. They consume significantly less energy than incandescent bulbs – about one quarter the consumption of a halogen bulb. And you can expect them to last nearly as long as your yacht – life expectancy is up to 50,000 hours! LEDs are maintenance free and emit no heat, drastically reducing the chance of fire. They’re quality crafted and stylish. Luma Sea also offers exclusive, custom-made underwater dock HID lights in bold, unforgettable shades of white, green or blue. Luma Sea represents more than dozen companies including Aqualuma, Ocean LED, Lumitec, Sea Vision, DRSA, Lumishore, Imtra, and VIMAR. Plus, we carry a complete line of OEM fixtures from manufacturers such as SeaRay, Formula, Tiara Yachts, Lazzara Yachts, Hatteras, and Bertram. Why buy from the boat manufacturer when you can buy direct and save time, money, and energy with Luma Sea. In addition to superior product knowledge, Luma Sea also installs for their customers in south Florida. Plus, we offer technical service for customers outside of their service area. We also specialize in mobile satellite TV and installation KVH Trac Vision and Intellian. Press Release Author: Petrina Gentile ---- For further information: Noah Conti, CEO Luma Sea 954-214-4853 For media inquiries: Patricia Gulati, PR Manager Luma Sea 954-817-7781 Luma Sea – Insane Lighting .... Seaing is believing.

Lighting up You Boat!

Ready to light up your yacht and get it ready for the summer boating season. Depending on the beam of your boat, your boat style and your reason for boating - will help you decide on the lights you need. Thru Hull are reserved for the yachts over 60 feet. Surface Mount Lights can be easily added with two screws to your beam - inside and outside your boat. How many you buy depends on your beam. If you want it to not have a break then you really need to make sure you have enough spread. And for the small boat that is unsure about drilling -we have a Liquid Lite that will screw into your drain plug! So cute and yet over 810 luemns with 6 leds! For the fisherman who wants to attract fish -some of the lights that flash have a wider spread may be a better choice! And for some reason the fish do prefer green light! So many decisions ...! When you are ready to decide - make sure you call us or write us and we can assist you with this decision! BLUE, GREEN,RED OR WHITE! Check out our website at And let Luma Sea help you create an out of control lighting effect on your small boat to your mega yacht!