Sunday, July 14, 2013

It Summertime, Lets get those Docks and Decks Glowing

Summertime is here and I'm sure that everyone is spending alot more time outside with all the beautiful weather. However, the most comfortable time of the day is after the sun goes down and the temperatures get a little cooler. To help get your backyards, decks and docks become more inviting, you should consider adding some exterior lighting to you property. There are thousand of options available but I will just focus on lighting for docks and decks.

The first option is to get your waterway glowing. I suggest submersible HID lights that are installed 5' below the water and about 7' away from the dock. These lights will produce a light ring about 40" in diameter. The installation is simple and can be done by anyone that can plug in a electric cord.

The second is what we call pathway lighting. These lights must be installed by an electrician but are low voltage so no worries about anyone getting a shock. These lights a placed directly on the dock and give a glow to the left and right of the fixture to illuminate your dock or deck.

There are also underwater lights that mount to the pilings. These lights are generally LED and and you would need to have 1 light on each piling to get a nice even glow in the waterway. Manufacturers such as OceanLED, Aqualuma and Lifeform LED offer these lights. They are not cheap but, the look is beautiful.

How you decide to illuminate your dock is going to be based on budget but more importantly the look you are going for. Check out for all of the lights discussed. You will be surprised whats living in the water behind your house.

Monday, July 1, 2013


As the holiday weekend approaches us ...we want to remind you to use caution at night.  Adding LED boats to the transom of your boats can prevent many accidents this summer!

Already there are many reports of evening hit and run accidents on our lakes and oceans.  So please take caution at night. Drive slower if you are new to the water way. Keep your eyes open for swimmers at night and other boaters.

One of the best thing you can do is to add some lights onto the transom of your boat if you plan on late night swimming or anchoring out with friends in the evening hours. 

Before you leave for your day of fun ... make sure to do a

Navigation lights checklist

  • Check switches are on.
  • Check navigation lights are on and working.
  • Physically check each light is on.
  • Turn off cabin lights as it may reduce your ability to see.
  • If the vessel has a flybridge and weather permits, it is generally preferable to drive from there as you will have a better all round view.
  • If you anchor at night, show an all-round white light where it can best be seen.
And if anything is not working - make sure you replace it!  We have a huge selection at to make sure your summer boating season is a safe one! 

Happy and Safe July 4th to Everyone!