Saturday, April 20, 2013

Lumishore SMX Series Now Available at Luma Sea Yacht Lighting

We are pround to announce that Luma Sea Yacht Lighting and Marine Electronics now is carrying the Lumishore Line of underwater lights. All Lumishore products are forged out of advanced AOM polymer bodies and Toughened BK7 Borosilicate lenses.

This assures a super tough light that will last for years under your vessel. They also have over heat protection, can be used above or below the waterline and have minimal draw allowing these lights to be left on for hours without having any effect on your batteries. Come check out all the features at  We will be adding more models regularly so keep checking in with us. Summers right around the corner so get that boat looking great, especially at night.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Eagerly Awaiting The Arrival of the Lumitec SeaBlaze X

John Kujawa and his team over at Lumitec in Del Ray Beach, Florida have knocked one out of the park with the developement of the new SeaBlaze X Underwater Light.

This new surface mount fixture will features a housing made of proprietary bronze alloy that will have a underwater service life of over 50 years. The lense is Gorilla Glass the same product used on ipads and iphones. However, the most important improvement over the previous SeaBlaze 3 is its increased lumen output, estimated at 2800 lumens in white, and the strobing feature. This strobe feature will allow serious anglers to attract fish to the surface much more effectively then traditional underwater lights. The strobing actions will make the light much more visible to deep dewellers such as sword fish. The developement team also angled the reflectors on the lights to give the light a wider beam angle and increase light intensity close to the transom. When it comes to product developement Lumitec goes the extra step to make sure all products ahead of the curve and torture tests them to the extreme. In my opinion, this is one exceptional light for the money. Lumitec has pre orders of over 1300 units and will start delivery of the new light beginning the end of April. is taking pre-orders and has the best prices available. Great job Lumitec!!!